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Helping you respond to student behavior

As a University faculty or staff member, when you are concerned that a student’s behavior might represent a potential to harm the student or others, you should make a report to your direct supervisor in addition to contacting one of the services below.

If the situation is an emergency, call 911.

For other situations, it may be appropriate to contact us - the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT). With staff from several departments across the University with administrative, psychological, academic and legal expertise, we provide a coordinated response to situations arising from students who may represent a threat of harm to themselves or others. At all times, we operate within FERPA/HIPAA requirements.

The BCT can be contacted directly by calling 612-626-3030 or emailing the Care Program at [email protected].

Please note, we are NOT a crisis line or response team.

How the BCT works

Once you make a report, the BCT will assist in assessing concerns about potential harm from students to self or others and provide guidance as to the best manner to handle the situation. Usually, the best approach will be for you (the concerned party) to assist the student with a referral to appropriate resources on campus. Other recommendations may include meeting with the student along with a mental health professional, referral to the Student Conflict Resolution Center, referral to the Office for Community Standards, and/or campus police intervention. For immediate concerns outside these hours, University Police can be contacted via 911 or (612) 624-COPS.

In cases of less clear suggestions of potential harm, it is recommended that you first consult with:

Contact Us

We are currently offering online and in person meetings. 

Staff will be monitoring email and checking phone messages. We will be in touch as soon as we are able to follow up and consult.

Behavioral Consultation Team

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Please note: The BCT is NOT a crisis line. We will respond to calls/referrals as quickly as possible but if the situation is an emergency, please call 911.